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This page details all the rules that every user contributing to this Wiki must follow. Breaking any rules will result in a block.

General Rules:

  • NO fan-theories. NO dark "conspiracy theories" about the "backstory" of KleptoCats. Do NOT add dark theoretical/fictional material, such as fan-based opinions regarding the "backstory" of KleptoCats. There has been an ongoing issue regarding some players of the game imagining a dark and gruesome horror-themed "backstory" for this game, which is completely false, and likely a product of Trolling. Mentioning anything regarding this subject is considered a very serious offense on this Wiki. KleptoCats is a sci-fi/mystery-themed game, as clearly depicted in both the game and the official KleptoCats web comics.
    • Inserting or discussing dark fan theories in articles, comments, or any part of the Wiki, will result in an instant permanent ban.

  • Do not bully, harass, troll, or offend any members of the Wiki. Cyber-bullying and Trolling is a serious offense, and will result in an instant permanent ban.

  • Do not vandalize any content on this Wiki. Vandalism will result in an instant ban.

  • Absolutely NO vulgar language and/or profanity. Using vulgar language and profanity will result in a permanent ban.

  • No promoting of any inappropriate themes, or media such as referencing movies, games, cartoons, books, memes, or websites that contain offensive adult material. The Admin(s) of this Wiki reserve the right to remove any content which violates this rule, no questions asked.

  • Absolutely NO insertion of content containing explicit material. Adding sexual explicit content wil result in an instant permanent ban.

  • Do not edit any other user's profile page. This will result in an instant ban, the length of the ban depending on the severity of the offense.
    • However, editing another user's profile page is allowed ONLY if the user has given the editor permission to do so.
    • The Admin(s) of the KleptoCats Wiki reserve the right to remove any inappropriate/explicit content from a user's profile page on this Wiki.

  • Do not spam. Spamming includes random, off-topic related material being inserted into articles, comments, or Message Walls. Spammers will be warned and/or banned, depending on the severity of the spamming.

Picture/File Uploading Rules:

  • Do not upload content that is not from or related to KleptoCats.
    • This especially includes fan-art and memes. If fan-art, memes, or unrelated images of any kind are uploaded, they will be promptly deleted, and the uploader will be given a warning. If the uploader still does not adhere to the warnings, he/she will be banned.
  • Absolutely NO images containing explicit material. Uploading sexual explicit content will result in an instant permanent ban.

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